This page is a about two kinds of help:

  1. helping you, if you're running into problems
  2. helping us, if you'd like to support us

Help! I'm getting an error!

Currently we don't know about any errors. We used to get quite a few errors because subscribing to a whole bunch of people in one swoop didn't work, so (sadly!) we removed that option.

If you find errors, please report them on the wiki.

I'd like to help!

There are two kinds of help we need right now:

  1. We'd like to get more moderators on the team! Your account will get listed on the front page and you'll start getting requests assigned to you. Use the (very simple) admin pages to add people to lists, to create more lists, add descriptions to lists, and so on.

  2. We'd like people to start more Trunk instances! We need Trunk instances for different languages and for special interests. What you need is a (small) server online. Alex will be able to help you get started (see link at the very bottom). Trunk is free software.

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