Request to join

Hello and thank you for volunteering to be on one or more lists! Newbies looking for people to follow are looking for people who fit the list topic in some way, usually by posting about related issues. If that's you, great! 🙂

Please provide the account you want to use (e.g., pick from the lists below, and click the button at the bottom. This should open your web client and prepare a toot so that all you have to do is click the Toot! button. Also, remember to change the visibility to Direct (🖂) before tooting, I guess? 🤔

(Sadly, this only works for Mastodon as far as I know. Everybody else just post their toots like your parents did, by hand!)

We're trying to help newbies find people to follow. If you have an NGO account, or some other account that is mostly boosting news and doesn't represent an actual, single person to talk to, we'll add you to the Organisations list.

Please note that this Trunk instance is for English writers and readers. We realize that the Fediverse is multilingual, but at the same time it's no fun for newbies if the accounts listed write in a language they can't read. Hopefully more such sites for different languages will pop up!

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